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Conducting a Mid-Year Investment Portfolio Checkup? Avoid These Mistakes

When it comes to checking up on your portfolio, a policy of benign neglect invariably beats too much monitoring.  Investors who pay attention to their portfolios’ daily values may find themselves berating themselves during the market’s periodic downdrafts or congratulating themselves too much when their balances are […]

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You’ve Accumulated a Nice Nest Egg. Now Simplify It.

You’ve Accumulated a Nice Nest Egg.  Now Simplify It.

After a lifetime of investing, your portfolio may be an unwieldy mess. Fix that now.   When you’re investing for retirement, you have a single focus: building a nest egg large enough to support you for decades.  But as you close in on your goal, you’ll have […]

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Are You on Track for Retirement?

As a financial planner, I receive questions on a daily basis regarding individual’s finances.  While every question is different, ultimately a majority of the questions regarding retirement planning boil down to one of three fundamental questions: Am I on track for retirement? Am I doing the right […]

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Retirement Planning: Are You Doing the Right Things?

When people ask me whether they are on track for retirement I believe what they’re really looking for is reassurance.  But as much as I’d like to be able to tell you for sure whether you have enough to retire comfortably, the truth is that one can’t […]

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Do You Have the Right Investments?

The answer has less to do with finding the single perfect stock or mutual fund.  In fact, the key to this question is changing your idea of what the “right” investment really is.   Very likely, many people who ask this question believe that there is one […]

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